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        Part Ⅰ #

        Any is of . , it a great deal to our that we have a sense of them.


        in the same area be a group under an to a for the whole . this goal a sense of among all ,which them to start with small steps2022年6月六級, such as to avoid noise that their . , a sense of among us to a warm and , where we and help each other,as well as a sense of . It will be to our and moral . After we from and get2022年6月六級, we will find in a new made up of . A sense of , also known as team in the , will be the key to a and group, where we a in close with each other.


        In , a sense of is worth in that it plays a role in , and .


        Part III


        A #

        26.E 27.L 28.H 29.A 30.J 31.B 32.I 33.D 34.F 35.K #

        B #

        36.F 37.C 38.J 39.D 40.G 41.A 42.I 43.E 44.B 45.K #

        C #

        46.B 47.B 48.D 49.A 50.C 51.A 52.C 53.D 54.A 55.D


        Part IV


        The lotus , one of China's , has been loved by . Lakes and ponds in many parts of China are for the of lotus . The lotus , which is in color, in the early and at night in , with the up to two or three , from all over the . The lotus has uses, water, and the , as well as water and . The is by its to sun and pure and clean from the murky water, thus and . So it is often used as a for a 's noble and has been a main for poets and . with lotus in full bloom are also by many . #

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